Equipment Operator License (EOL)


As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and as part of our onsite rig support, NOV offers Equipment Operator License (EOL).
The assessment can be carried out exclusively on rig / vessel, or in combination with a simulator.

EOL consists of:

  • Customer selection of equipment and systems
  • Assessor gap analysis:
    • Knowledge of equipment and systems (theory)
    • Standards of performance in simulator (optional)
    • Standards of performance on rig / vessel
  • Training to improve knowledge and standards of performance
  • (if knowledge gaps detected)

The participant must fully understand all functions and alarms of the original equipment, fulfill all related safety
requirements and operate the equipment and utilize the control system effectively.

Assessment Goals:
  • Verify skills of operators in accordance to predetermined objectives.
  • Identify skill and knowledge gaps.
  • Improve operations by training the participant to use the equipment / systems safely and efficiently according to NOV standards.

Assessment Completion:
After successful completion of assessment on equipment / systems, the participant receives an NOV Equipment Operator License (EOL).

Relevant Equipment / Systems:

Target Participants:
Operators working on NOV equipment/systems

Operator experience


Number of Participants: