Equipment Operator License

Are you operating your equipment to it`s fullest potential?

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and as part of onsite training services, NOV offers Equipment Operator License (EOL)

We optimize your operators

and verify skills and knowledge

Detect and fill gaps

to obtain expected level of performance

An approved operator will receive an official

NOV Equipment Operator License

"EOL proved time & cost efficient.."

As we had challenges completing operator training on some rig equipment before starting on a critical operation, we had to seek alternatives to classical class room training. Contacted NOV, explained our situation, was informed of the EOL program which sounded promising, decided to give it a try. An instructor was mobilized to the rig within short time, and training / competence assessment commenced from day one. This proved efficient as the instructor assessed each operator individually through observations and conversations, then concentrated on “filling the gaps”. The instructors was very flexible and carried out the training while the rig was in full operations, sometimes within the operators normal working hours, sometimes after. We had of course some challenges underways, as operation must have first priority, but at the end of the day the EOL program proved both time & cost efficient, provided our operators with more useful knowledge, as the instructor could skip most of the basic stuff they already knew, and spend more time on the identified weak areas. The instructors were both knowledgeable and flexible/solution oriented, worked well together with the rig management. Thus, I can recommend the EOL program to other rig owners.

Jan Slettehaug
Dolphin Drilling

Description of product:

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, NOV Training onsite services offer NOV Equipment Operator Licenses (EOL). NOV EOL consists of checklists that are consistent with NOV Training curriculums for the equipment and systems selected by the customer. An NOV instructor will verify skills of operator onboard, detect gaps in skills and knowledge, then provide training needed to obtain expected level of operation performance. An approved operator will receive an official NOV Equipment Operator License for each equipment and/or system covered.